In this episode, I talk about the importance of surrender in following our goals and dreams.

So often we feel the need to push ourselves forward, to strive for something better, to build a brighter, better future. Whilst it’s noble to think we can be worthy of a more wonderful life, the reality is that we are often trapped by the past (its worries and woes) or the realization that our current state is far removed from where we want to be. This dissonance or disconnect between what we have experienced and where we are now and the desired future condition presents a problem in itself. It denotes a sense of lack, of something that is missing.

This lack is a negative energy and leads to more lack. By surrendering to the here and now we open ourselves up to a gentle tide of non-resistant being, to grace and ease. Surrender is not resignation, it’s not a giving up of goals and dreams. It simply means being more receptive and appreciative of what we already have. We become more aware of the signals given to us by a higher intellect, by God, the Universe. We catch moments of serendipity. We open ourselves to the energy of abundance.

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