Fear has been our constant companion through the ages. Eons ago it served its purpose by keeping us safe from sabre-toothed tigers. Without it our race wouldn’t have endured or survived.

However, today’s fear is of a far more complex construct. We are fearful of so many things and we fight so many fearsome battles, including broken relationships, chronic illnesses and global pandemics.  Today’s fear is all-pervasive – we fear scarcity of resources, natural and man-made. We even apply fear to our identity. We fear we will never be good enough, that we cannot be creative, that we cannot attain success.
The problem is that the fear of today is our constant companion – it preys on our health, both physical and psychological with sometimes devastating consequences. 
Emotionally and spiritually it disconnects us from ourselves and our inner truth and worth. It casts a rift between us and our creative source. The Universe is all about creation, expansion and abundance. Fear is the antithesis – it inhibits, it dismantles, it de-constructs and it contracts energy. We can never find love and abundance when we are in constant fear and doubt.
This episode tells this story of fear and also gives us a technique as to how best we can handle and put aside our fears. so that we can step through to the other side and emerge triumphant – resplendent in love and abundance.

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