My Story – Does it resonate?

It happened to me, and as an aspiring career or business woman, it may be happening to you.

At 45 I started my own business for the very first time. I was fed up having my hands tied, having a management title, but no real freedom to make my own decisions. It was the second time I found myself working for a control freak, who hated to relinquish the reins, especially to a woman not fully tested in the management field!

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you feeling frustrated, undermined, convinced that you were destined for more, that you have more to give but unable to fully express yourself or reach your full potential?


Midlife Crisis?

Some may call this a midlife crisis – waking up to the fact that you are not really happy in the job you do. You reach a certain point in your life and it doesn’t necessarily have to be age or midlife related. However, you realise there’s a spark within you, a nudge that you were here to do something more or something different with your life, but you’re not quite sure what that is.

You may be dreaming of having your own business, but you lack the courage and confidence to start. Or you’re not sure what business or new life to birth.

But listen closely, there is a right way of going about this – as I painfully discovered from my own early attempt. During the first few years, both my coffee shop business and I flourished. I won several awards. I found a superb outlet for my multiple talents and passions (including marketing, cooking, baking, customer rapport-building). However, what I chose to ignore, and what I later came to understand, was the power of my energy.


Power of Energy & Self-Care

Energy is tied very much to self-care and so when you pour everything (heart, mind and soul) into something and don’t see the commensurate return on your efforts, you eventually become dispirited and disillusioned. The fire, that once ignited you, fizzles out to a weak ember. Losing this fire drags you down energetically. You lose motivation, inspiration and interest. And in time, you begin to feel demoralised and resentful of the business, especially if it involves personal sacrifice, robbing you of precious time with your loved ones.

That is exactly what happened to me. I resented the fact that I was investing so much energy and time in the business, which I would rather have spent with my ailing and subsequently dying mother.


The External Reflects the Internal Environment

You see, what happens on the outside is very much a result of what’s going on the inside. I only later came to fully understand this when I went on to study and become an accredited mentor in the Energy Alignment Method. This training revealed to me that our energy determines everything in our life. We can influence what happens in our life by regulating our energy flow. If we feel we are not up to the task, if we believe that everything only comes at a cost (hard work, sacrifice, burn-out and pain), then the energy of these feelings, thoughts and beliefs attract the very outcome we are seeking to avoid. These energy forms (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, resulting behaviour and actions) cause resistance in our energy field. And like attracts like, so we attract resistance back. It’s a matter of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction working to negative effect.

So when I started to resent the business, blame it for not supporting me, for not allowing me time with my family, the customers started to whine, to find reasons not to come as regularly or spend as much, the landlord stopped us from opening on a Sunday (a day which we had put aside for our German “Stammtisch”, aka regulars). I didn’t make the connection then, but now I understand the true meaning of Law of Attraction.


Expanding, Awakening and Embracing Change

But the good news is, that we can flip the coin; such that we can be positive creators and manifesters. We can release and reset these resistant thoughts, beliefs and emotions. By using the Energy Alignment Method – a simple 5-step process – we can shift these and align to a more positive, affirmative mindset and emotional setpoint. This practice in conjunction with self-care (since self-care is equivalent to self-love, a high energy frequency) we can attract more positive outcomes (events, situations, people and circumstances) into our lives.


Expansive, uplifting energy is fundamental to our growth, both in terms of our work and our personal lives. One of the biggest secrets is not just love (The Secret by Ronda Byrne), but a realisation and belief in who we truly are. For many, they never truly awaken to the fact that they have a potential that is far greater than the one they are living. But for others, there is an awakening, but like any move away from a well-worn, familiar path, growth exposes us to change.

Change can feel really uncomfortable and sometimes painful, because it means shedding the old, comfortable skin of our former, habitual self and learning to accept and embrace a new, unexplored, expansive self. The subconscious mind fears this uncharted territory.

But it is so worth it! I should know! I’ve experienced it first-hand. I knew I had a bigger role to play than to try and forge a path through the management echelons of the corporate world. However, it took a lot of self-probing and learning about energy to get me to where I am now. It feels truly liberating doing what you love and in a way that uplifts others.

I am privileged to work with other like-minded women, to help them get unstuck, get out of a rut, overcome their limiting beliefs and fears. I show them how to re-define themselves and create solid self-belief. I shine a light on their strengths and I guide them step by step down their own unique path of creating a business and a life that is abundant and fulfilling.

I share here a quote from Alan Cohen:

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.


Who am I?

I’m Esther Apoussidis – a business and energy transformation coach. I’ve had the privilege of coaching women in particular who have been stressed by financial lack, who have been paralysed by fear of making the wrong decision and taking the wrong fork in the road. I’ve helped them with a combination of energy and mindset work and newfound spirituality to trust in their own energy and instincts, to release what’s no longer serving them, to align to a high energy frequency and to trusting in a co-creative Universe to create clarity and to bring their plans, dreams and desires to fruition. When they start to do so and let go of the need to be perfect and in control, the miracles unfold…


Your Next Step

If you are ready to take that leap of faith and start improving your life, you only have to reach out to me. Book a call to get unstuck and start your wonderful, new life. There are no limits, except those you impose on yourself and when you are free of these, a liberating, abundant path opens up before you.



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