Our one true journey, or mission in life, whilst on this planet is to move ourselves from darkness to lightness of being. This is what I call an awakening and stirring of the soul to shine its light. It is about becoming more energy conscious, aware that energy is more than just our physical form and our perceived 3D world. It’s about moving from dense (dark) energy to light energy in alignment with Universal Laws to live in absolute joy, love and abundance.


Our Dharma

When we’re truly living our Dharma, our life or soul’s purpose, we enter a lightness of being. We are doing something that uniquely expresses who we are, we are energetically in flow (we embrace Kriya energy). We are experiencing unbridled egoless passion and enthusiasm (latter literally means God within). We have also distanced ourselves from our fear-based ego and we live to expand the energy not just in our own microcosm, but positively influence the lives of others through the ripple effect in the quantum universe.

Let’s think of our Universe as a massive and intricate web, and we are each, but one fine thread strumming to a high frequency of love and fullest self-expression that sends a vibration out to others. How else do we lift the energy of others residing at a lower frequency of vibration?

It’s been anecdotally proven*, that when we perform a random or spontaneous act of kindness or goodwill gesture, the person on the receiving end will more likely pass on a similar gesture to someone else/another stranger. A smile is equally contagious and doesn’t have to cost a penny or a dime. But more to the point, performing such an act has as much, if not a greater, beneficial effect on our own energetic vibration. It’s part of our DNA that when we help and uplift others, we help ourselves. However, for the act to be mutually and energetically effective it has to come from a place of higher vibration and not delivered as a preconceived, engineered act driven by the ego, seeking praise and approval (the ego perpetuates a contracted energy state, because it doesn’t align with unconditional love).


What is our Darkness?

The darkness is what Eckhart Tolle, German-born spiritual teacher and best-selling author, calls our pain body**. It’s an accumulation of many layers of conditioned fears and limiting beliefs, that cause us to live with one foot either in the past or the future (or one foot in each). We are never fully present in the now. When we are fully in the “now”, time no longer exists, and our pain body is suspended.

But how do we let go of our conditioned beliefs, fears and forebodings? The one true path is not by hiding or shrinking from them, but by observing them for what they are – something that the ego perpetuates to keep us from revealing our true and higher self (our inner light). In the act of observing, we begin to transmute and dissipate these contracting fear energies. We start to become fully aware and present in the now as that is the only thing that matters.

You may therefore wonder why we have to deal with such SH1T in our lives, including the fears of not having enough, not ever being good enough, being rejected, being hurt, fearing physical illness or loss, and so on. Our darkness is often the way to lightness. If you’ve ever read Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsh), you’ll know that the only way we can get to fully appreciate and embrace our lightness is by experiencing the darkness first. Of course, there are various shades of darkness, some darker than others, but all significant and relative to who and where we are on this journey. And, if you believe in past lives or reincarnations, then sometimes we carry the pain body from those past life dimensions into this current life.

Darkness becomes an intrinsic part of our Dharma journey. To understand and recognise our Dharma we first have to learn the lessons of our soul’s curriculum. Dharma is not so much a single defining moment, a big aha. It is a progression. Even when we have been born with amazing gifts (Mozart, Michelangelo), we still have pain body to contend with and our talents and gifts may just be a way or vehicle of working through them. At each stage we’re given an opportunity to overcome and energetically up-level. What matters is how we are going to transmute them and turn these into medicine for ourselves and others.

So, the easiest way of understanding what your Dharma is, is to reflect on which gifts and personality attributes you were born with, in addition to those you have developed over time (where your interests, passion and enthusiasm have been stoked) and what lessons you may have encountered along the way. These lessons are really Karma (Law of Cause and Effect) keeping you on track to find your true life’s calling.


In the West we have been taught to believe that Karma means fate or some kind of payback system for when we’ve done something wrong. But after reading Discover Your Dharma by Sahara Rose, I can now understand that Karma is something far more benevolent. It’s a way an intelligent Cosmos keeps us on track to discover and experience our Dharma. This reassures me, because if we undergo Karma, we know that it’s a mechanism or an experience to get us back on track to where we should be.

If you are looking for guidance on how to interpret your passions, interests, gifts and life’s lessons in a way that makes sense and sheds light on your Dharma (soul’s purpose), please reach out for an informal chat with me: www.calendly.com/esther-788/30min. I’d love to help and get to know you!

Please also read the follow-on post Recognising Dharma.


*Opinion | The Science of ‘Paying It Forward’ – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

**Power of Now & A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose


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