Easter and Spring are synonymous with rebirth and renewal. If you believe in the risen Christ, you believe that you have the ability to reinvent yourself and create a new destiny. If you believe in the powerful forces of nature and in the awakening of spring, you believe that you can come back to life from “seeming” death (from lying dormant).

For now, death may not signify the demise of your physical being. But it could be the gradual decline of your ability to see things from a new and promising perspective or even the attrition of your soul – living a dispirited life that is not invigorating, uplifting and fulfilling your highest potential.

So many in the world today live unconsciously from their perceptions of how life is. It’s a perception that is based on conditioning from our early years and perpetuated by our parents and our educational, social, media and political systems, which are themselves enslaved to this old paradigm of existence.

Most of that existence is founded on the belief that resources are limited, that you are somehow limited, that what you have is never enough. There is a perpetual struggle to add something more, to learn and know more, to increase our wealth, to compare and contrast with those that have more than you as a way of orientation. But that is all about egoic orientation, your sense of value, sense of identity, sense of placement and bearing, and of being validated from an external perspective.

This is a lack mentality and in this respect it’s important to consider the Matthew effect (Gospel of Matthew, 25:29, quoted Jesus as saying):

I tell you, that to every one who has will more be given; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

To me the message is clear: it’s absolutely imperative that you recognise, acknowledge and utilise the gifts and powers within you if you are to live an abundant life. The sad reality is that so many have held themselves hostage to a very unconscious form of existence: unconscious of how powerful they truly how and unaware of the genius that lies dormant within. So many would deny their creative genius: I’m no Mozart, I’m no Picasso, I’m no Michelangelo, I’m no Thomas Edison, I’m no Richard Branson, I’m no J K Rowling, I’m no Steve Jobs, I’m no Mother Teresa, etc. Who am I to even think so? When you entertain such thoughts, you are denying your power of creation: your ability to create and forge your own destiny.

When you live predominantly from the unconscious mind, you have no control over what messages are fed to the subconscious. You are acting without volition, without positive focus. And the danger here is that you have no control over what the subconscious mind creates. For it is the subconscious mind that creates your reality in every single way.

The only route to get around this impasse is to become more self-aware. This self-awareness is not to be confused with the excessive preoccupation with self and all the insecurities that this could bring up. It’s more about waking up, being more conscious about how you interface with your past and your current reality.

From that point forwards, it is then incumbent on you to move from self-awareness (self-consciousness) into super-consciousness. Super-consciousness is your inherent ability to tap into your genius – to see connections between things that are not normally made. The important thing to note is that both the self-conscious and the super-conscious minds feed into the subconscious. Both help you to exercise control over the messages that you send to the subconscious. Both help with focus – the energy you give to something in order to catapult a thought or belief into the physical, experiential realm.


Tips to Becoming More Self-Aware

  • Acknowledge all the biases of your past experiences. Were they chiefly negative, were they predominantly linked to some form of limitation?
  • Identify what’s keeping you stuck. Is being stuck connected to any experience that I need to let go of? Do I need to let go of anger, bitterness, remorse, judgement, blame?
  • Explore whether you can shift your feelings. Can I shift this feeling of not being up to the task? Of not being worthy or good enough?
  • Explore this new dance with your creative powers. Can I really take hold of this thing called life and decide to live it on my terms as being the creator, of being in the driving seat? Can I release the old terms of my existence: the inheritance and predisposition of negative beliefs and the self-imposed self-limiting experiences I’ve both unconsciously and consciously participated in?


3 Steps to Tapping into Your Super-Conscious Mind

  1. You begin by emptying yourself through stillness, meditation or breathing exercises of any thoughts and feelings. For it is only in releasing your perceptions of your world and disrupting the identity you have formed through your thoughts, feelings and your senses, that you become the vessel to receive inspiration. Too often, you and the world are captive to busy-bee mode, believing that through industry, toil and struggle you are forging a better life for yourself. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. That creates an impermeable barrier to living super-consciously.
  2. You begin to receive unbidden prompts or symbols which will float across your awareness. The important thing is not to make sense of them. To accept them for what they are (messages from your super-conscious mind through your connection to Source intelligence) and to go with those prompts. They are the early signs of you being inspired to take action, to follow your soul’s wisdom.
  3. You then take action: you literally make it up, you go with the flow. You allow yourself to go with your intuition and your gut instincts, tapping into your zone of genius. Trust is irrelevant. It’s all about surrender, allowing your own inner satellite navigation system to guide you. Here it helps to become child-like in your awe, curiosity and playfulness. You’re almost playing at charades and being the crazy professor in terms of experimentation. When you do, you’re charging your super-conscious mind to feed your subconscious mind with Source energy and Universal intelligence. You then become the creator and manifestor. The more you can let go of knowing where this will all lead, the better. Your genius has been unleashed and the results will rock you forward.

Just remember, when you start assuming the power that resides within you, the outside conditions cease to hold sway over the outcome of your life (you move from hapless victim to creator). You are freely choosing to be true to yourself and to have what you desire and love. It’s no longer wishful thinking, it’s in the realms of real possibility to be reborn and to live a genius life of limitless love, wealth and well-being.

If you’d like to explore working with me to free yourself from the hold of the unconscious mind and to explore super-conscious being, just book a virtual cuppa call with me.


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