I’ve been part of a Millionaire coaching program for nearly 4 months now. It’s really an extension of what I’ve been taught over the years 2016-2019 in training to become an Energy Alignment Method. Success is an energy that equates to flow energy. For nothing breeds success as high vibration energy. Some people call this “in the zone”. But in flow energy is a matter of moving your energy (your thoughts and feelings) from a low, vibrational place to a high vibrational place.

Here is a collection of my thoughts around the energy of success.


12 Essentials for Success


To be successful at anything in life it’s important to:

  1. Make decisions that are in alignment (congruent) with your purpose and goals and commit yourself to them.
  2. Become absolutely clear on your purpose and goals in life.
  3. Be open to experimentation with an attitude of grace when errors or deviations are made.
  4. Be bold and daring, in spite of your fears.
  5. Be ready to embrace a different concept of yourself if need be.
  6. Be curious and open to learning (especially from others who have walked the bumpy road to success).
  7. Accept that you are more powerful than you think you are.
  8. Be resilient – accept that you may encounter some resistance or challenges along the way and be equipped to deal with those. It won’t be all plain sailing because we all come with a lot of mental and emotional baggage that needs shifting from time to time.
  9. Be disciplined with how you expend your energy (time, money and attention).
  10. Be diligent in your success habits.
  11. Master the habit of wiring yourself for success.
  12. Honour your energy. Embody self-love, self-acceptance and a sense of worthiness.



1. It’s a Decision


As the quote in the blog image suggests, success starts first with a decision that we are already successful no matter what. It’s not a matter of whether we can be or will be successful. We already are! This acknowledges our divine birthright of plenty and access to an energy source that is intelligent and fosters expansion. It helps us activate/embody the feeling of the assumption of the fait accompli, which is a powerful manifestation technique.


2. Be clear in what you want


In my recent Masterclass training I talked about the power of the subconscious mind as a goal-serving mechanism. The subconscious mind therefore requires a goal or intention (it needs co-ordinates). This goal or intention needs to be firmly embedded as a strong desire. Because it is in the feeling rather than the thought of a thing achieved that the subconscious mind gets to work to create the pathway and deliver the outcome we want. Desire works on a strong why (check out Simon Sinek’s Start with Why).


That’s why sometimes material goals can be difficult to achieve, because we don’t think about what the material things will give us in terms of the feeling of having them. When you’re less emotionally attached to material things, you’ll struggle to manifest the material results. And that’s why so-called spiritual people have a hard time accepting the material expression of abundance. They think it’s a desire not consistent with spirituality. But material things actually do help us express ourselves more fully, spiritually too. For when we have more money, we are able to share more and do more good in the world. It empowers us and allows us to be freer with our energy, creating greater flow and spiritual elevation in the universe.


Commitment to your goals requires belief in yourself, belief in the project/journey, belief in your ability to adapt and learn, belief in the good intention behind your goals, belief that your goals can be achieved in a balanced and harmonious way and belief that you’ll evolve and grow into the person who is synonymous with success and the attainment of your goals or desires.



3. Be willing to experiment


Not everyone is absolutely clear on what it is they want, or how they wish to express their energy in this life (i.e. their purpose). And that’s ok too. And sometimes it could be due to the fact that you’ve been blindsided by limiting beliefs, that you haven’t allowed yourself to go deep within to explore what you’re intuitively capable of.


But whatever the case or cause, you have to be willing to experiment and try on different things. It’s a bit like trying on shoes to get the right fit, comfort and style to suit your body shape and the parameters of what is desirable and comfortable. In the doing, we often get the clarity. Even if it means taking a circuitous and sometimes painful route. The whole point is the journey, not the destination. It’s the journey of self-discovery and the process of learning which are so very important.


When it comes to pursuing goals we have to be mavericks: willing to take risks, willing to accept that there will be plenty of trial and error. When we accept this, setbacks and set-downs become easier to bear. We become more resilient and of course more likely to succeed. This is because we don’t accept failure as the end of all purpose and life. It’s just a cul-de-sac, where we have to backtrack or do a slight U-turn to find a different way to forge ahead, a way that is more intrinsically and energetically aligned.


Grace is a key characteristic of being able to accept errors, misjudgements and detours. It’s so important not to beat yourself up when things turn sour or go a bit pear-shaped. For in berating ourselves, we move into lower vibration, resistant energy that disempowers or immobilises us. This is not the energy of success – for we need to have the energy to maintain momentum and forward motion. Grace is the energy of success: the grace to be kind to ourselves, to allow ourselves the time to achieve the right conditions for the seeds of our endeavours to take root, grow and bear fruit.



4. Be bold and daring


You’ve probably come across the phrase: “Feel the fear and do it anyway” (Susan Jeffers). Well that’s exactly the sentiment here. Success requires a lot of courage: courage to do things that might be beyond your ken and past experiences, beyond societal norms, beyond the expectations, limitations or demands of your family, friends and peers.


The only issue is when you let the doubts and fears cripple your ability to act or to initiate change. But fears and doubts can be shifted, because they are all just energy, albeit heavy, low vibrational energy. Low vibrational energy can be altered to high frequency or “flow” energy, allowing you to go from limitation to expansiveness. This is the power of energy alignment work. The Energy Alignment Method is an holistic approach using a type of applied kinesiology to tap into what heavy or resistant energies you’re holding onto (how that expresses itself in your energy layers), releasing them and allowing yourself to attune to positive, high vibrational, manifesting/creative energy.


But as a final note on this point, let’s not forget that courage is part of our human DNA and it’s also like a muscle that we don’t exercise enough. Taking courageous steps, even in the presence of fear, in the direction of growth and away from stagnation, actually helps make us feel more courageous. One small step of courage leads to another bigger step of courage. Courage is cumulative. Knowing that, will help you take that first critical step into the unknown.



5. A different self-concept


Energy work also allows us to change our pre-sets or the generational and conditioned self-image that may identify with frustration, failure, rejection and disappointment. Adopting the mantle or idea of being a successful person may require us to shed some old skin, some old layers of beliefs that do not serve us or empower us.


Affirmations will only go some way to rewire us. They won’t necessarily go deeper to unravel what has created the less than successful self-image we may be hanging onto. Oftentimes, this is an archaic, protective measure to avoid further hurt or disappointment. It’s usually an unfounded, spurious fear, that fails to distinguish between actual failure event and the person we are.



6. Willingness to learn


Success requires us to be open-minded, to be curious and eager to learn. Success always leaves clues and by following the treasure trail of other successful people in a similar job/vocation, we can give ourselves a bit of a head start.


However, there is a cautionary note to attach to this. We are all energetically unique, so whilst following blueprints and roadmaps of others may give us some fresh insights and learnings, we still have to be flexible and open to adapting these to suit our unique self. They have to be congruent and consistent with who we perceive ourselves to be. That’s when connecting to your intuition is important. And if you’re someone who’s been all her/his life stuck in the rational, thinking mind, you’ll struggle to listen to the whispers of your intuitive self. The Energy Alignment Method works great in this sense, because it helps you bypass the rational mind and connect straight to your energy source: the source of all inspiration and intuition.



7. Accept that you are more powerful than you think you are


There is a broad lack of understanding of energy and how it works in both the quantum field and the Universal Mind setting. Of how our thoughts or consciousness affect our vibrational energy and how our vibrational energy moves the formless into the substantive or physical realm (the 3D experience).


As a Man Thinketh (James Allen) and Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) are all about the concept of thoughts creating our physical reality. And Neville Goddard speaks of the imaginative, creative powers of the thinking mind, which when accompanied by the grateful feeling of the wish already fulfilled, brings our ideas and desires into physical manifestation.


But what is important to understand, and it’s a key issue, is that we move the formless into form through vibrations which have to come through the physical body. And mental processes by themselves do not do that. It’s about connecting to feelings that create the vibrational movement in our body and then sending that vibration out into the universe to move universal energy into a formed construct. In my Empowered to Rise program, I apply a unique creation technique to bring the visual image in our thoughts into the physical form. The more you apply and practise this technique, the quicker the manifestation of whatever you desire.


When you understand the basic principles of energy and manifestation, then you realise how powerful you are. You don’t need to rely on anyone else to bring success into your life. You don’t have to have more certificates, more connections or more money to be successful. In the energy field, you have access to everything you need and desire. It’s all down to your energy and how to express that energy in a way that is creative and powerful.



8. Be resilient


This goes back to the earlier point about experimentation. Resilience and experimentation go hand in glove. Experimenting means that we might not get it right first time. Resilience is a capacity to accept this and learn from the process.


The Energy Alignment Method helps remove the heavy baggage of misguided beliefs and emotions that may obstruct resilience. Resilience comes when you are less prone to self-sabotage, less prone to judgement and self-criticism. The latter are all resistant forms of energy. And as we know energy can be altered and transmuted. This is essentially the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. The change can be quick and dramatic. When we know how to embrace higher vibrational energy, low vibrational energy is consumed. Light consumes dark, but darkness doesn’t consume light.



9. Be disciplined in how you expend your energy


You may have come across the expression, where your attention goes, your energy flows. If I were to ask you to look around the room in which you’re sitting now and asked you to spot anything red, your brain will filter out anything that is not red and lock on to anything red. Prior to this awareness and attention, you were not aware of anything red in the room.


And so it is with energy and manifestation. Where you focus your attention really matters because that is where your energy flows. So direct all your attention and focus to what you really want to happen and create in your life and not inadvertently to what you don’t want. Therefore, don’t focus on the problem or lack, but on the outcome (objective achieved) or the solution.


Moreover, behind every thought and action you take, there is a propelling force called momentum. The Law of Momentum means that if you consistently apply your focus in a specific direction, momentum will build and you will orchestrate events in the energy field to bring whatever you focus on into being in a strong and powerful way.


For example, if you want to manifest the love of your life, you have to focus on loving yourself and being the vibrational match to love. You have to stop any signals that may interrupt this frequency, such as signals of fear and doubt. These are two low vibrations that are not congruent with love, growth and wealth.


Money and time are also energy, so be prepared to discipline yourself to focus these only on creating what you truly desire. It’s important not to be nonchalant or disrespectful of these resources, but at the same time you need to avoid being tense and anxious in relation to these. Tension and anxiety move you into low frequency energy which again impede your signals to attract what you desire.



10. Be diligent in your success habits

We are creatures of habit for that’s how the subconscious mind works. To achieve success, we have to create and embed success habits. This might mean:

  • getting into the habit of meditating daily to connect better with your inner peace, insight and intuition
  • doing daily energy alignment work, i.e. letting go of beliefs and emotions that are causing you to doubt yourself and embracing high vibrational, positive and empowering energy (thoughts and feelings)
  • visualising yourself in a scene with the success outcome accomplished
  • expressing gratitude each and every day
  • sticking to 3-6 manageable and expansive (in-flow) actions per day that take you towards your dreams/aspirations
  • checking in with how you’re feeling and honouring yourself when you’re feeling low or unmotivated (perhaps you took on too much the day before and went into overwhelm and into a state of depletion, learn to take a step back)
  • allowing sufficient balance in your life for self-care, for in self-care we protect our energy and keep ourselves in higher vibrational energy. Treat yourself now and again to a touch therapy (reflexology is my passion) or to some retail therapy
  • if you can’t disconnect from low vibration people, then choose to mingle with like-minded and like-spirited people, who totally get this energy piece and are investing in their own self-development. Seeking out an energy conscious coach or mentor in this regard can be instrumental to your success
  • detach from external events and news that drag your energy down (e.g. do not listen to or watch news channels that sensationalise the news)
  • remove yourself from gossipmongers, refrain from discussing your problems or fears (unless you’re asking for a solution, but the latter usually comes from within you), focus on your aspirations instead when chatting with others
  • adjust your goals and daily habits if you feel the need to, check in with your feelings and take stock.



11. Master the habit of wiring yourself for success (Neuroplasticity)


If you do experience negative failure feelings, such as fear, anxiety or lack of self-confidence, know that they originate solely from the mind. They are indicative of attitudes of mind within you and are not based on external facts that are rigged against you. This usually means you are underestimating your abilities and overestimating or amplifying the nature of the difficulty in front of you. You are possibly reactivating memories of past failures rather than memories of success.


In neuroscience, not only can we create new synaptic links and neural pathways (new empowering thoughts), we can rewire old, failure-based ones simply by reconfiguring the memory or scene in our mind, creating a new mind movie where things turn out positive. And thus we record and store a new success story in our memory banks.


Also, it’s good for your mental compass and emotional thermostat to set yourself smaller targets or goals (albeit aligned to your big C-type goals), so that they become easier to achieve. And when achieved, you generate a feeling of success, which then builds an atmosphere of success that will carry over into more ambitious undertakings. For nothing breeds success like success. Always be aware of your feelings when setting goals: do they create tension within, or do they create a sense of excitement and expansiveness in your energy.



12. Honour your energy


Practise and embody self-love, self-acceptance and a sense of worthiness for this provides the energetic foundation from which to believe and trust in yourself and creates an abundance energy that is expansive and uplifting and equates to success.


As mentioned above, it is important to create a success habit of looking after yourself and of learning to recognise the signs when you’ve over-reached and overstretched yourself. Be always compassionate and non-judgemental with regard to everyone, yourself especially. Frustration and emotional stress affect the physical body: they activate the neurological stress response, compromise the immune system and accelerate ageing. Simply put: our adaptation energy is compromised. Adaptation energy is different from caloric energy (derived from the food we eat). It’s about our life force energy which allows us to be resilient and cope with external stressors.



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