Alignment for Better, Faster Results

A 45-minute, deep-dive Workshop to teach you how to move away from head-driven SMART goals into heart-inspired SMARTIE intentions, and from forced action to aligned action for better and faster results in 2023.


This is for you if you’re:


Anxious about setting goals because you’ve so often failed to hit past targets.


Conflicted about your goals and priorities for 2023.


Struggling to stay on track and make yourself accountable.

Prone to self-sabotage, succumbing to shiny object syndrome or perfectionism, which halts or curbs your progress.

Working hard, but nothing seems to bring in the desired results.

Used to applying strong willpower to achieve your goals, but end up spent and burnt out and would like an easier path to success and growth.

Looking to feel more inspired, creative and energised for 2023.


Desiring greater clarity over which goals (intentions) you should be focusing on for the best results.

What results can you expect?


You’ll understand why traditional goal setting can set you up for failure, disillusionment and/or exhaustion.


You’ll learn the difference between SMART goals and SMARTIE intentions and why the distinction matters.


You’ll learn to tune into your energy and intuition to focus on the right (aligned) goals for 2023.


You’ll be introduced to some powerful techniques to help you create more flow and ease in your life and “tune” in to your higher wisdom.


You’ll get a workbook with journal prompts, a self-help guide, and a very powerful “Activate Miracles Meditation” to set you up for an empowered 2023.


Plus you’ll get an amazing opportunity to embed this learning and apply it consistently for lasting results.

When is it?

Takes place via Zoom on Monday, 5th December 12.30pm (GMT)

Who’s your host?

Esther Apoussidis is a qualified Meditation Teacher, Abundance Mindset & Business Expansion Coach, Holistic Therapist and Energy Alignment Method (EAM) mentor. EAM is an effective energy “retuning” system that creates energy coherence and then supports you in accessing your heart’s intuition (Divine wisdom) in a physical way through the body sway.

“The fulfilment of your dreams comes through your creative mind and your inspired heart”

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I'm ready!

I'm ready!

To activate money flow with ease and speed

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I'm ready!

To make 2023 my best year ever - to create results with ease and flow

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