Finally, a unique transformational program founded on energetic and scientific laws to free you from feeling stuck in life and from emotional setbacks.

Discover a proven method designed to help you restore confidence, self-belief, and a strong sense of purpose, and give you the tools to manifest whatever you desire in your life.

Please watch the short introduction video first.









But first, let me ask you something.

Has life been a challenge lately?
Are you feeling like a failure or that life has let you down?

Maybe you feel like you’re floating in a state of uncertainty, stuck, doubtful, and unsure about the future. Do any of these ring true to you?


You’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next.

You want more out of life, but lack clarity of purpose, direction and focus. You feel compelled to make more impact but struggle with overwhelm and a sense of inadequacy.


You’ve just experienced a major setback

Life has given you some serious lemons. You feel as though you’ve been hit by a bad run of luck: you’ve lost a job or you’ve been unable to get the job or promotion you desire, money seems to slip away from you or your business is just not growing.


You’re worried things will never be the same again

You’ve lost your footing in life and wonder if you will ever be the confident and happy person you used to be. You know you’re destined for more in this life but are unclear about what that should be and how to get there.

The real truth is that problems outside of you are a result of what’s happening inside of you. So…

  • You are not unlucky, you just have some unfortunate beliefs and past experiences.
  • You are not short of money, you just have some limiting beliefs and some lingering fears about lack of money.
  • You are not without a respecting and loving relationship, you just don’t have the love and appreciation for yourself.
  • You are not a failure in business or your career, you’ve just been trying too hard working on external validation when all you need is self-appreciation.

Now, imagine for a moment that all doubt has disappeared from your life and that  you’re finally tapping into a higher place of expansive vision, confidence, and self-belief.

You can finally start to experience:

Restored confidence and belief in yourself…
so that you can get back on track in your life after the setbacks you’ve experienced.

Clarity of purpose and direction


…so that you know very clearly what you want from life and how you are to claim your most beautiful life.

Liberated, free, and energised


…so that you feel increasingly happy, successful, resilient, and optimistic each and every day.

A worry-free, aligned life, filled with purpose, and creativity sounds wonderful, right? But you probably still can’t find your way to it.

So I have something for you, a proven and unique transformation system that takes you from self-doubt and uncertainty to unstoppable confidence and superb clarity. But first, I need to address something important.

Life is short and time is running out to turn your life around. You deserve to live out your full potential and stop postponing your ideal future. Here’s why you need to change something now:

You’ve been a high achiever and worked so hard for most of your life. You feel that you should be further ahead than where you are now. But you’re willing to give it this last shot – it’s now or never to upgrade and uplevel your life.

You’re so sick and tired of feeling not good enough or that you’re not appreciated enough.

The whispering in your head keeps getting louder, you are meant for more: more impact, more money, more success, more happiness, more love which means you’re meant to do this “inner” work.

The longer you stay stuck, the more likely your health will suffer as a result of symptoms such as restless legs, back pain, headaches, insomnia, irritable gut, tightness in your chest, and breathlessness.


And yet, change is rather hard, I know. You could just continue what you’re doing, staying true to your current approach just to:

Sink in a quicksand of overwhelm and procrastination

Worry, feel nervous, doubt your abilities, and think you’re a failure

Realise you’ll never make your mark on the world

Go to therapy or appeal to traditional forms of mindset coaching, such as NLP, or Hypnotherapy that may not work as effectively because they do not look at your energy on an holistic level, focusing a lot on the mind and the 3D experience.

And why should you listen to me anyway, right? Let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Esther

and I’ve been where you are. I’ve had a few curveballs thrown in my direction.

I’ve struggled for most of my life to make myself heard, valued, and recognised: amongst my family, my friends, and in the workplace. I was consistently disparaged and belittled by my 5 brothers (especially the 2 older ones), and I was verbally bullied during my early teenage years by my “so-called” friends. I’ve been made redundant 3 times during my professional career and in three of my employments I’ve not attracted the same recognition and remuneration as my male counterparts, despite showing evidence of competence and attention to detail.

And even when I ventured into running my own businesses, success was not long followed by failure when I lost most of my pension in a second coffee shop that tanked. Very soon after I also lost my most beloved mother. I felt a lot of guilt about that too: believing that my business troubles added to her health problems.

So why am I the best person to work with?

A lot of what I’ve experienced may resonate with you and therefore I fully understand the beliefs, experiences, and dilemmas that are holding you back from claiming your most perfect life.

Since 2016 I’ve been building my understanding and competence in energy alignment and physical therapy work.

I’m intuitive, empathetic, and instinctive when it comes to recognising your issues and how to release you from their chains

I’m passionate and enthusiastic about women empowering other women. I want to help you (along with all my previous clients) to be the ripple effect in the world today. This is achieved by stepping into your power of self-belief, self-expression, and self-actualisation. I want you to be able to realise your deepest desires and allow yourself to flourish and grow without guilt, fear, or self-limitation.

Now that I’m not a stranger anymore,

Are you ready to turn your life around and go from feeling stuck and disenchanted to feeling empowered and ready to create your dream life?

The accredited Energy Alignment Method in conjunction with the Creation Exercise have brought amazing results to my clients and will work for you even if:


You’ve never done any energy work before


You’re sceptical about the woo-woo aspect of energy alignment work (there’s a whole lot of science to what I do, which you’ll discover while working with me)


You’ve tried other energy or mindset work and it’s not made lasting shifts in your life


You doubt that this short course could make such a profound impact on you (believe me, I’ve had major breakthroughs with past clients after just 1-2 sessions).

Curious about what’s next?

Here’s how I will guide you on a journey of deep transformation:

Mentoring Calls

4 x one-to-one biweekly mentoring calls (each up to 90 minutes) with me to walk you through the energy alignment and manifestation process so that you can release what’s no longer serving you. You will embrace and embody a new, empowering energy: helping you to be confident in your decision-making, be more inspired and guided in your action-taking, be more intuitive and be more creative in manifesting what you desire.

Self-paced Training Videos

8 modules of video lessons that will help you understand your energy and the physical and spiritual laws that you need to apply to positive effect so that you move away from negative and into positive creation. You’ll learn how to stop staying stuck and move into self-empowerment and manifestation energy. You’ll get lifetime access so can always go back and refresh your knowledge and skills.


Numerous beautiful meditations so that you activate inner alignment, and gratitude and connect daily to flow and inner peace energy.

Weekly Group Accountability

8 weekly group accountability and Q&A calls via Zoom so that you stay on track and get the encouragement of a supportive and loving female community, sharing a common desire to enhance their lives and be the ripple effect in the world.

Step-by-step Guide

A step-by-step guide to creating your vision using EAM and goal mapping techniques, so that your desires become more tangible and real to your senses and are expressed in your feeling nature (an essential part of the science of manifestation).

Daily Energy Alignment

A daily energy alignment, manifestation, and gratitude ritual that’s custom-made for you, so that you quickly step into high vibe energy, even if your previous day was challenging.

Alignment Workbooks and Embodiment Guides

Alignment Workbooks and Embodiment Guides so that you not only understand but implement the changes required for major transformation in your life.

Wait, there’s more!

1 additional 90 minute mentoring session with me to power up your energy alignment practice and to keep you on track once the course is completed.

£200 Value

Upon completion of the program, entitlement to 6 months free admission to my Easyflow Mastermind membership. This is focused on energy elevation to keep you on track, activated and motivated as you move through the layers of expansion in your self-development and reach towards realisation of each successive goal. Includes two Zoom calls per month: one accountability & support call and one CPD training call per month. Both will be recorded and stored in your membership portal for easy access so that you never miss out even if you can’t make the group calls live.

£480 Value

Fast Action Bonus:

An additional SOS mentoring session with me you can book in at any time during or after completion of the course for up to a period of 12 months from the date of sign-up.

Worth £200

Bonus #2

My 7-Step Manifestation Guide: easy to follow practical tips and instructions on how to positively manifest your best life.

There is a very limited understanding of manifestation “out there”, one that is focused solely on your “thinking”, but manifestation is really about moving formless into form through the physical body. The mind is but one aspect of a more complex energy equation.

Worth £49









Still on the verge? Imagine yourself one year from now.

You’ve decided to give the Energy Alignment Method a chance.

Here’s what you will likely experience:

You’ll feel so much freer and less trapped by fear, doubt, and worry

You’ll be in the process of creating and beginning to live your dream life

You’ll be aware of the ripple effect you have in the world and why that’s so important for your energy and the collective field of energy

You’ll be totally confident and self-assured

You’ll know how to make intuitive (Higher Self Aligned) decisions 

And I’m going to make sure of that through a ton of support included in this program.


Let’s recap:

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • 4+1 bonus 1:1 mentoring calls with me: £1000
  • 8 modules of pre-recorded trainings £800
  • Multiple empowering meditations £200
  • 8 x weekly accountability/Q&A calls £480
  • Alignment workbooks and embodiment guides £400
  • Custom energy alignment, manifestation & gratitude ritual £150
  • 6 months Easyflow membership providing ongoing one-to-one guidance and group accountability sessions (one of each per month) £480

Total Value £3,510 (+£249 in early bird bonuses)
Total Investment Today: £1400
Either as 1 single payment (you get a surprise gift when you pay in full) or

Choose a Payment Plan (7 monthly instalments of £200).









Money back Guarantee

I believe 100% in the full transformational power of this program because of the success I’ve had with past clients.

As a result, I have the fullest confidence in offering you a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with what you’re learning and with the results and impact of our first
energy alignment session, you can request a full refund. I stand by that 100%.

Still not sure? Want to discuss with me?

There’s no other program out there that even compares to this and here are the 5 main reasons why:

It combines 2 unique rapid energy clearing and transformation therapies: Energy Alignment Method and the breath-based Release & Replace system to solidify the positive change in your life.

I combine my background as a complementary therapist (reflexologist) to understand some of the physical symptoms of your stuck energy. If required, I guide you on how to use (facial) reflexology to support your healing and energy alignment work.

My biggest attributes for helping you make the desired transformations are my empathy and my own learned wisdom from mistakes I’ve made in the past.

It’s a hybrid program that combines the best of distance learning, close-up 1:1 energy work and community support.

It’s a holistic program that investigates the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of your energy so that at the end of the program you feel as though you’ve found “YOU” in your entirety.

This is for you if:

  • You have a grander vision for your life and want positive change in the right direction
  • You’re curious to develop yourself and learn about all aspects of you: your consciousness, your energy “funnel”, your ability to manifest creatively, your spirituality, the connection between your mind and body
  • You want to have a daily 15-20 minute ritual that takes you away from anger, fear, overwhelm, and frustration and puts you into high vibe energy: feeling invincible and unstoppable, feeling super confident, feeling happy and secure, feeling empowered to take positive, intuitively guided action
  • You want to have clarity as to your purpose and path in life

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to be open-minded in terms of doing some unconventional energy work
  • You’re not curious about discovering the real reason why you’re stuck in life
  • You’re not prepared to be responsible for your thoughts, words, feelings and actions
  • You think others should know better
  • You don’t have a strong desire to succeed in life

Frequently Asked Questions


Will this energy alignment process work for me if I’ve never done energy work before?

ANSWER: Yes, I’ve worked with women who have
never done this before. Sometimes that’s an advantage as they don’t have any preconceptions and expectations and are therefore even more spellbound by its impact.


What if I get stuck on doing the energy work for myself?

ANSWER: You have my 1:1 support (4 sessions with 1 bonus one) and there are weekly accountability calls for you to speak up and ask for help. You can email me at any time if you have a specific issue and I will always guide you and get you back on track.


When do I schedule my 1:1 mentoring calls?

ANSWER: Generally, these are done at biweekly intervals: weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 (with the bonus one at week 10). However, if you feel that you would like to front load these, this can be arranged, subject to availability. Simply request via email or message me.


Is there a guarantee of the results?

ANSWER: The outcome/results you get will always depend on your willingness to take responsibility for yourself and to effect the changes. However, if you start this course with an open mind and a positive attitude, the outcome will be exceptional. If you’re not happy even after the first 1:1 session with me, you can request your money back in full (whatever you have paid up to that point). No quibbles. Is Empowered to Rise really as good as it sounds? It’s a program that gives you an intensive life-changing experience. That’s for sure!


What are the 8 module trainings about?

ANSWER: Module 1: The Power of You – Understanding how your energy works so that you are clear on how it impacts your ability to attract or repel success and how it can help you in building a powerful reservoir of self-confidence, self-belief and conviction in your success.

Module 2: EAMzing with Release & Replace – Introducing you to the powerful and extraordinary Energy Alignment Method, supported by the breathwork of Release & Replace so that you can start to create big positive shifts in your world.

Module 3: Primed for Success – Identifying and letting go of what no longer serves you and replacing it with empowered and aligned energy (you will clarify what that is), so that you start attracting success, more harmonious and beneficial relationships and create wonderful opportunities for growth with flow and ease.

Module 4: The New Empowered You – Creating a successful identity through powerful daily mirror, self-care, and energy alignment practices so that you consistently feel confident, successful, and purposeful and you become more resilient, happy and expectant of good things happening in your life.

Module 5: Your Vision – Describing and mapping your big goals/vision, applying a unique goal-mapping tool and daily autosuggestion work to clarify and express your desires (the first component to manifestation).

Module 6: Your Imagination as the Powerhouse of Creation – Understanding the role of your imagination in feeding the subconscious mind to transform the formless into the physical form. Learn to work with the “Creation Technique”.

Module 7: Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled – An embodiment of your dreams through “experienced” end-scenarios.

Module 8: Faith as an Antidote to Fear – Creating powerful faith practices so that you never lose hope and you’re always expectant and receiving of success in your life. The more you believe, the more you see the results!

Let’s Go Over What You Get Once Again:

  • 4 biweekly + 1 bonus at week 10 1:1 mentoring calls with me: £1000
  • 8 modules of pre-recorded trainings £800
  • Multiple meditations £200
  • 8 Accountability / Q&A calls £480
  • Embodiment guides to sustain your flow and high vibration energy £400
  • Custom energy alignment, manifestation & gratitude ritual £150
  • Access to 6 months of Easyflow Mastermind membership (biweekly Zoom calls) to provide ongoing support and training £480

Total Value £3,510


Still not sure? Want to discuss with me?


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