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A meditation to reflect on the power of surrendering to the peace of the here and now in order to escape overwhelm, worry, struggle and strife.  By looking within, connecting to the present moment and trusting in our own divinity, we can anticipate freedom, happiness and abundance. This meditation is accompanied by the gorgeous, soothing music of Yuval Ron, track entitled “Metal”, published by Metta Mindfulness Music (ASCAP). Narrative is written and spoken by Esther Apoussidis, given freely here for the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of mankind and the energetic expansion of our universe. Download I Let Go Meditation for greater sense of Freedom and Happiness.


This is my free gift to you – a meditative reflection on the power of surrender – of letting go of the need to be better, to strive hard to succeed, to be in control and to know where your future path lies, to know your each and every outcome. By connecting to the present and our core being, we become happier, more abundant and more at peace.

This will be particularly soothing and helpful to you if you are feeling frustrated, stuck in overwhelm, or if you are feeling that good fortune has abandoned you or that everything you touch turns to dust. By looking inwards to your inner power, connecting to faith and trust in the Universe and God, and by being fully present in the moment, we can anticipate a greater sense of wellbeing, happiness and abundance in our lives.

Download “I Let Go Meditation” for Greater Sense of Freedom and Happiness

This gift is given to you for free from a place of love, connection and gratitude.

Esther x


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