Esther Apoussidis

After 20 years of working in sales and marketing roles, I never thought I would be an entrepreneur. It was only pure frustration that led me to start my own continental coffee shop business at the “tender” age of 45, soon after I gave birth to my youngest of 3 boys.
I had a transformative moment when I realised I wanted my voice to be heard and my opinions respected. I no longer wanted to be pushed aside or overruled by a domineering male senior management team. I was ready to make more of my life!

The Ups and Downs

I wanted the chance to do something that would excite me, stretch me, and use my many diverse skills. The coffee shop certainly gave me this opportunity. And whilst it consumed 5 years of my life, and there were as many downs (overworked, financially overstretched) as there were ups (awards, lots of raving fans), I learnt a lot about business and about myself.

After my mum passed away, I sold the business and went through another “transformation”. I used some of my inheritance to train in therapies: massage, facials and then reflexology, including facial reflexology and Ziggie Bergman’s Zone Face Lift. During this period I began a spiritual journey of self-development and self-realisation, and it was no surprise that I soon encountered the Energy Alignment Method, created by Yvette Taylor.

In training to become an Energy Alignment Method mentor (2017-2019), I would reflect back over my past and realise that when I was most in flow in my life and career, the greatest and most wonderful opportunities (events and “chance” encounters) would unfold. We all have within our grasp the power to uplift our lives and those of others we connect with. Using this simple Method we are able to release the negative blocks, no matter how unconscious and embedded, and raise our energy to its highest possible frequency aligned to love and gratitude. In doing so we create “as if by magic” a better world for ourselves and for others by our sheer impact (as a stone is dropped in water it creates ripples).

I am so excited to share this amazing tool with you, to help you get the most out of your life, even if you don’t know what that is yet. With this I can help you discover your power, confidence, passion and purpose. And as I’ve proven, it’s never too late to begin this journey.

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