The Aligned Passionpreneur

Woohoo! I’m so excited that you’re ready and eager to make success in your business easy: creating a more consistent, healthy stream of income whilst running an aligned business that excites and energises you.

You have this amazing dream for your life and business. You’ve taken a ton of action, but right now you’re not getting traction. You’re feeling frustrated and starting to doubt yourself. Perhaps you’re even wondering if you’re in the right business.

Or worse, you might be contemplating giving up on your dreams altogether and considering doing a U-turn – returning to the dreaded rat-race of corporate life. I get that, because I was a in similar situation not too many moons ago. I know how terribly painful and soul-destroying that notion can be.

But the last thing you want is to abandon your dreams and admit defeat and failure, because you’re passionate, you’re a real action-taker, you’re super determined and you’ve invested already so much time, money and energy in this. You’re totally ready to embrace an easier route to success.

And that’s the way of The Aligned Passionpreneur.

On completing this 90-day journey you’ll wake up feeling in flow and fully in your element. You’ll have a sustainable flow of money coming to you…

….without all the stress, frustration and burnout that you experienced in the past

….without having to tackle an endless to-do list

….without having to master a complex strategy and knowing everything there is to know in marketing and selling

….without worrying that nobody is going to buy from you.

You’ll be doing a business that you totally are aligned to: you’ll love every minute of it – it doesn’t even feel like work at all!

You believe in yourself, you know you’re unstoppable! Freedom, flexibility and fulfilment are your new buzzwords.

You’ll start trusting that your dreams of building your ideal home, of getting to travel more, of supporting your loved ones, of contributing to meaningful causes, are totally within reach.


The 90-day course is split into the three stages:

  • Stage 1: From Stuck to Activated and Empowered –

    The first part of your journey will be to detach yourself from all energetic resistances (particularly the shackles of the past) that are stopping you from moving forwards – believe me, more goes on under your “hood” (in your subconscious mind) than you are consciously aware of.

    You’ll also clarify if there are any patterns that are clouding your ability to think and act intuitively and in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

  • Stage 2: Your Enlightened Vision & Mission –

    The second chapter is about identifying and validating your new path and vision. You will more firmly connect to your soul’s purpose and how that is to be enacted in your (new) business.

  • Stage 3: Levelling up to Success and Fulfilment –

    The third and final stage of your journey will be to build your business through energetically aligned marketing and selling (you move into “serving” energy). This means, you get to do so in a way that fits your unique energetic blueprint – there’s no stress or strain, it feels comfortable and non-pressurised. You’ll learn some neat tricks on how best to zoom in on your talents, audience, how to connect with them more powerfully and getting them to “eat out of your hand”.


The course will feature easy to follow videos, journal prompts and workbooks to help you learn and implement each lesson.

You have access to me via email, a dedicated and intimate Facebook group as well as weekly Zoom calls for any questions or for hot seat support.

You will be entitled to an 6 intensive EAM coaching sessions with me which are paced throughout the 90 days according to your needs as well as a BONUS session after completion of the journey to help you advance and achieve the transformation you desire.


A rapid results course to get you from a place of being stuck (with very little financial certainty for the future), to building an energetically aligned business in the online space that can give you quite simply a new lease of life, a sense of self-belief and more freedom and choice for the future.

1:1 Phoenix Coaching

This is for you to get you out of the ashes of your life and into transformation.  If you’re in a place of lack, disillusionment, or feeling that your progress in life is hampered in any way, then this 1:1 energy coaching using the Energy Alignment Method can be your escape hatch. I will help you shift the negatives that are impeding you and help transition you to a more expansive state of being. We change the inside to get the change we want to see on the outside.


The EAM system works by using your body as a pendulum or biofeedback mechanism to give you answers to questions regarding your current energy state.

We tailor the questions using words that “speak to you/your energy” and that address your particular challenges in life. We release using a special mantra whatever resistance is lurking either on the surface or on a deeper sub-conscious level.

We check that it is released and then align to a more positive state of being and feeling. The aim is to raise your energy frequency to a higher vibration consistent with positive change and results.


1:1 Phoenix energy transformation package consists of a minimum of 4 sessions (each lasting between 1 and 2 hours depending on what needs clearing at the time). These will be conducted via Zoom and recorded for your benefit to help you continue the practice afterwards.

You will also be given a worksheet following each session tailored to your energy alignment needs.

You can also upgrade to 6 sessions if there is more work to do.


As with any energy work, the benefits are very much down to you in terms of how you implement and apply what has been taught.

If you do the work and remain consistent afterwards your life will be positively transformed forever. You will find that you are more confident, you are more at ease with your life, you attract better results in everything you do and you have more harmonious relationships: with people, with money and with your health.

Energy Sync Marketing

This is a monthly subscription membership where I take you from a place of complete marketing overload and confusion to giving you the clarity, confidence, knowledge and tools to become your own marketing genius, no matter where you are now in skill-set.  You will soon find that marketing is fun and easy. The more fun you have, the more clients you start to attract. 


I will be using my extensive digital and offline marketing skills to help you up-level yours.  Topics will range from branding and building awareness, generating engagement and interest, taking that interest to an effortless commitment to buy from you and to keeping those customers as raving fans. Examples of topics include what comprises your branding, what are best list building and lead generation practices for your particular type of business, how to generate fresh and consistent content, selling through FB and Google ads, overcoming objections and client retention strategies.


One short topic or tactic per month following the buyer’s 5-stage journey from awareness – interest – consideration – conversion – retention. Training will be provided in video format and workbook format. You can learn at your own speed, but accountability will be key with a Facebook community to guide and support you.  You will be given a chance to ask questions and have these answered at any stage your learning.


The benefits are that you will build on your energy practice and your marketing skills so that your marketing is non-coercive, feels natural to you, keeps you in flow and will attract the right clients to you. These clients will not just love you and keep buying from you, but will also be your best referral source for new business.

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