Breaking the Habit of Being Stuck in Life

Energy Transformations with Esther

Are you ready to transform your life?

When you transform your energy, you transform your life.

If you’re feeling stuck, as if you’re knocking your head against a brick wall and all your best efforts seem to amount to nothing in your life, then the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is the path for you.

If you’re not sure of what you should be focusing on, if you know your life could amount to more than a dreary humdrum, repetitive existence, then EAM opens that door to self-discovery, self-belief and self-fulfilment.

If you’ve tried all mindset and emotional strategies and therapies before and have given up on it all, then you haven’t found EAM yet.

If you feel vulnerable to other’s judgements and criticism, even to your own self-critique, then EAM is your lifeline to feeling better, feeling more at ease, feeling more immune to external challenges.

If you read my bio, you’ll see it’s never too late to get unstuck and create rapid, dramatic and positive results. Just be open to exploring your energy potential.


I’m Esther

I’m a professional marketer,  holistic therapist and Energy Alignment Method mentor. My mission is to help other woman break the habit of being stuck in life by applying a proven and unique energy transformation system which takes them from self-doubt and uncertainty to confidence and clarity. I add my marketing skills into the mix to help them create a business (sideline or full-time) that fills them with passion and is financially and emotionally rewarding.

How Can I Serve You?

Empowered to Rise

A unique transformational program founded on energetic and scientific laws to free you from feeling stuck in life and from emotional setbacks.

Discover a proven method designed to help you restore confidence, self-belief, and a strong sense of purpose, and give you the tools to manifest whatever you desire in your life.

Energy Alignment Mentoring Sessions

This is for you if you desire an intensive energy re-tuning session with me to take you from a low place of fear, worry and overwhelm and guide you to a higher place of expansive vision, confidence and self-belief.

When you complete a session with me, you are guaranteed to feel “lighter” and more empowered to positively transform your life and/or your business. Read more about the technique I use under the About section.

The Aligned Passionpreneur

A unique 90-day journey to teach you how to transform your energy and your marketing so that you can create a more consistent, healthy stream of income whilst running an aligned business that excites and energises you.

This course is suitable for aspiring female entrepreneurs and coaches as well as women who have decided they want to transition from a dead-end, lack-lustre corporate job and create their own online passion-inspired business.


I had what I called a bad run of luck for a number of years, and felt completely stuck in life. I had lost a great job, bounced from one new job to another for a couple of years, and then had tried to establish myself as a self-employed education consultant – but I felt like my life was going nowhere fast. Something seemed to be holding me back. Working with Esther has been a revelation to me. I am now able to move forward and feel calmer and more confident. I have been able to release myself from some of my fears and limiting beliefs and feel so grateful for this experience. I now feel positive about my future for the first time in ages and I have already secured new assignments as a result.

Gillian Forrester (Leadership & Life Coach)

Hi Esther, just wanted to say what a wonderful experience it was the other evening. I really feel that something has shifted. I haven't looked (as of yet) into the information you sent, as I don't want to rush through too much shifting work. But... you are wonderful at what you do. Thank you, and I wish you every luck in your future endeavours. I'll keep you up to date with any more feedback as and when. xx

Alexandra Gould (Reiki Master/Munai Ki, Aromatherapist and Crystal Healing Therapist)

I had a long session in The Energy Alignment Method. This therapy is designed to find the energy blocks within you and help you to simply let go. It was that easy! Esther was perhaps the most patient person I have ever met, as there seemed to be so much I had to release. I had this therapy as I had become very stuck in my own career. The EAM has released all this and I am now in full flow! Thank You Esther! Highly Recommend!

Jacquelyn Haley, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

Hi Esther lovely to hear from you! I am glad things are going well for you. Funnily enough I am much better with money but I have not been doing my daily routine so I am probably out of balance - I am working on making more time to work on myself more. I really enjoyed the time we spent together and the work we did together. Michele xx

Michele Daramat (Owner at The Apothecary, Cardiff)

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the time we spent together yesterday and for the book which I am thoroughly enjoying. I left yesterday feeling exhausted but happier and lighter than I have felt in years. I truly feel rejuvenated and thankful I was able to release the negative energies I have obviously been carrying around for years. Thank you so much for an amazing and enlightening afternoon.

Carrieanne Foley (Management Accountant)

I had my first EAM (Energy Alignment Method) session with Esther and I have to say it was fantastic. I wondered whether having to do it over Zoom would take anything away from it, but it definitely didn’t so if this has been holding you back, please don’t let it stop you. Esther has an amazing way of making you feel at ease and helping you work through the process in a supportive way that really helps you get to the issue you are dealing with and using the method effectively. If you are in need of a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner to start or continue your EAM journey then you definitely need to speak to Esther. It’s been so powerful for me and will benefit all areas of my life. Thank you Esther.

Lisa Curtis (Authorised UW Partner & Property Investor)

I worked with Esther for the last 8 weeks to improve my social media and website. She has helped me make the necessary changes and has given me so many excellent ideas and avenues to follow up. In addition, we did some energy work to get more in flow and clarity. I would highly recommend Esther.

Zubeyde (Sue) Zubeyde (Maths Tutor)


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