There are many myths and legends circulating around “manifestation” and the Law of Attraction. Therefore it’s no wonder many deem it a load of hocus-pocus, spiritual nonsense, especially if they’ve given it a try and failed to manifest.


So here in this article I’m going to share with you my knowledge of where people are going wrong and what I believe to be the best steps to manifestation, at least as far as the results I’ve achieved thus far, both for myself and in terms of my clients.


Where it’s going wrong


Here are a few of my guidelines on how to rethink manifestation. When I refer to manifestation, I’m referring to positive manifestation, because we can manifest both negatively and positively.



1. You create what you think


Think positive thoughts and you will create positive results in your life.

Well, it’s not as clear-cut or as simplistic as that. Firstly, your thoughts or rather the electromagnetic output of your head energy centre is not as powerful – in vibrational terms – as your heart centre.


Secondly, your head is a complex energy centre. Whilst you think you may be in control because you’re applying your conscious mind, intention and willpower to think positively, there is often an undercurrent or underlying programme that you may possibly not be aware of that’s running the show. The emotive subconscious mind is really the one that’s calling the shots in terms of your head energy output. Therefore, understanding what’s going on under the hood is absolutely vital to understanding your manifestation capability and potential. For example, you may have a business manifestation goal, but you could be hindered in manifesting this because you have an estranged relationship with your mother that’s causing you to devalue yourself or is showing up as a need to prove yourself (both are classified as resistant energies, negating your positive business intentions and results).



2. Have a specific goal to manifest


I’ve found that being too specific is actually limiting our manifestation potential. Firstly, because we are likely to cap our expectations based on past experiences and interpretations of events. Secondly, when we start to apply dates, numbers and financials into the equation, we move back into the head energy, the balance is shifted away from the heart centre, and we dilute the intensity and quality of our energetic vibration. I’ve found that having impact-oriented goals work far better for me and my clients. I’ll explain more in my tips below.



3. Keep affirming your deepest desires and in time they will manifest (ask and you shall receive)


Many desires are expressed as affirmations on repeat. People think that frequently expressing and giving voice to a strong, sustained desire or wish means that we should be able to manifest easily. That’s only partially true. It all depends on whether you’re wishing for something to happen as opposed to knowing that something is happening for you right now. It’s a significant shift in perspective AND most importantly, in vibration, because manifestation is founded on the biblical truth of happy are those who believe and have not yet seen.



4. Take Aligned Action


Some argue that you can manifest without taking any action. Just think positive thoughts and feel positive feelings. But inaction is a non-truth. We are always taking action, even physically. We are always responding and reacting to external stimuli. We can never live in an energy bubble or vacuum. Energetically, vibrationally we are all one, connected in this quantum field of energy or source energy (the Law of Divine Oneness). Our energetic output is always multi-faceted with a complex ripple and feedback loop effect.

Others say, you cannot manifest without making some effort in the physical world. You have to translate your inner vibrational energy (thoughts/feelings) into physical energy to attract something physical (person, circumstance, event) back to you. But then the debate comes up, what is aligned action? Many start moving back into their head energy to figure out “how” to take the next rational or logical steps to achieving their goal, to literally encourage the manifestation to occur.

There are 2 reasons why this is misguided. Energetically, they’re now out of balance and skewed to the masculine, yang energy of hustle and control. Secondly, they are not allowing for serendipity or allowing the energy space for spiritual insight and “downloads”, which usually come through the heart centre. From there these messages move into the brain and neurochemically find their physical expression in the gut (hara centre) – what we term “gut feeling” – urging us to take appropriate action. Check out my earlier article called Your Heart Knows the Truth, revealing how our heart is a powerful emotional intelligence centre. This is aligned action, or in-Spirit action. It opens the space to create far bigger and more “out of the blue” results than our rational, logical brain can comprehend, interpret and orchestrate.



6 Tips for Manifestation

  1. Have a clear goal based on a deep why (what is your raison d’être?). If you want to set money goals, these should be translated into the results it can bring you: freedom to work or move how you like, opportunities to live a more joyful. liberated existence, to enjoy better health; or better still, create impact goals. What impact do you want to have on your family, your friends, your environment, the people and societies that matter to you? Money is an energy that needs to flow to facilitate greater energy transmutation, moving other expressions of energy into a high vibrational state. When we hold onto money rigidly, we are not allowing it to flow. To manifest money, we have to allow ourselves to spend it with gratitude and without fear of losing it. What goes around, comes around.
  2. Visualise and create several (3-5) end-scenes. In other words, create mini movies in your mind with yourself as the main actor. Be in the subjective, not objective (not seeing yourself as distant to the film-set, but actually participating in the movie). End-scenes should be short, vivid, and to incorporate all your 5 senses if possible. Make these specific to you and your goals. Imagining yourself on a beach is not the same as imagining yourself on a particular stretch of beach that only you own. Each end-scene will pertain to a specific goal / desire you want to manifest. But don’t blend them into one. Play the mini movies in your imagination as many times as possible, morning, day and night. Repetition for the subconscious mind is key.
  3. Tap into the feeling. Determine how you’re feeling in that moment of the goal achieved. Connect viscerally on a deep, heart-centred level. Explore and connect emotionally to words, such as blissful, ecstatic, grateful, jubilant, joyful, happy, empowered, passionate, loving. Don’t say the words by rote. Make them have meaning. The secret is to go into the feeling of the wish fulfilled (Neville Goddard). Let the feelings flood the cells of your body. Let your cells have a party. Literally get up and dance, as if your cells were dancing to the tune of that dream accomplished.
  4. Take aligned action. For me this starts with upping my spiritual practice. I increase the time I meditate, I walk more often in nature, I complete my Energy Alignment Method ritual for inner alignment and expanding the manifestation “funnel”, I journal and read spiritual texts. I even ask out loud for the Universe to give me clues. I trust in holy receivership and acceptance that I will in time receive the prompts and signals I need to move me towards manifestation of my goal/s. And when I’m not wholly sure that it is a prompt, I check in with my sway (an energy biofeedback mechanism of the body used in The Energy Alignment Method),
  5. Don’t give up! When you don’t see the results immediately in your physical realm, hold fast in faith and trust. For me, this is the biggest reason why most people fail at manifestation. They don’t have the patience, nor do they have the unequivocal faith that it will show up for them. They start to move back into fear because they are swayed by the prevailing 3D evidence. This is only evidence of what they’ve been manifesting before, but in a counter or negative way. They also start to go back into control mode, wanting to steer and manipulate things to create the results they desire. They take action which is not aligned and doesn’t manifest intuitively and positively.
  6. Surrender! You are only in control of your energetic vibration and not the external manifestation. Don’t pre-empt or prejudge. Be open, be expectant in your surrender. Because surrender and expectation are synonymous with faith. And faith is the flip side of fear. Where there is no fear, there is full, undiluted manifestation. For me the most powerful emotion at this stage is joyful expectation. Do not hope, but expect with profoundest gratitude that your wish is already granted! Check out my earlier article on Do you expect too little?.



If you’re in need of guidance and support with regard to manifesting your vision or goals, do reach out to me either on social media or via email and let’s have a chat.



Recent manifestations for myself and one of my clients


July was a really slow month for me in my therapy centre. Several of my regular clients had membership plans that had come to an end and not all had renewed their subscriptions. My husband kept telling me it was a sign of the times: no one has the money to invest in treatments, especially with the way inflation is eroding our real disposable income. I chose to ignore the outward signs of lack or the gossip-mongering and news in the media around economic strife. I went back into my manifestation practice. It’s only taken me 2 weeks of practising what I preach. The second half of August has seen my best results to date. I’m currently flat out with bookings and enquiries, mostly new clients. I had a most glowing review on Tuesday evening. I meant to ask the client to post his feedback on the Fresha booking system, but he did it anyway without me asking.


In terms of my coaching clients, which I’ve similarly manifested, one particular client has been working on manifesting 2 out of 4 main visions/goals (which we clarified in the first coaching session). She has now got a solo exhibition of her artwork in a local gallery. She’s also going to illustrate and publish more of her children’s stories. And this is just the results of 3 sessions of guidance, support and accountability from me.


I’m looking to start a Manifestation and Marketing membership programme. If you’re interested in being supported in this way, let me know and I’ll send you more details. Also, let me know what sort of help you’re looking for as I can then incorporate it into the programme. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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