Gratitude is an Abundance Mindset


Gratitude is a central pillar of manifesting and an abundance mindset. It is an energy that declares that we are abundant, that who we are and what we have is enough. Many limit gratitude to simply “having”, e.g. “I am grateful I have 3 beautiful sons”, “I am grateful that I have a comfortable home and running water”. But gratitude is just as importantly about “being”. That we are enough as we are, that we are happy and blessed to be who we are, in the skin we’re in, in the awareness of the power of “I am”. So start including these types of gratitude affirmations in your daily practice, such as “I am grateful for being a loving, caring mother”, “I am grateful that I beneficially impact my readers with my inspirational writing”.



Life as a Gift


When we accept that our life is a gift (even allowing for the painful experiences and lessons we’ve had to overcome), we are able to open ourselves expansively to having more goodness in life. Conversely, if we see that life is a perpetual challenge and a burden, we shut off the faucet to the good in our life.


It is a fact that the energy we emit, we attract back for we are electromagnetic, vibratory beings. The energy of acknowledging and deeply feeling your blessings, is a high vibration and magnetic energy which draws, by law, positive high vibration energy back to you. This energy may be expressed in good things, experiences or people appearing in your life.


Indeed, we are always drawn to people who are appreciative and positive about life, who are fully in their power of being enough and are accepting and honouring others as they are. Similar to a smile, gratitude is contagious. So it becomes a gift not just to ourselves, but to others. So often, I’ve defused an argument by saying thank you, I truly see you and appreciate what you have to say.



Gratitude Generates Happiness and Wellbeing


The Harvard Health Blog says that “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness…Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.”


Similar to smiling and meditation, gratitude has a biological impact on the body. A gratitude practice can release serotonin and endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. These neurochemicals help reduce stress, stabilise mood, stave off depression and can induce a more euphoric state.


Therefore, the best remedy for when you’re in a low mood or you are experiencing a slump in your energy is to adopt a practice of gratitude. It helps to quickly restore a positive perspective; you soon forget why you got into a slump in the first place as it redirects your attention and focus. Energy flows to where your attention goes.


Practising gratitude also adds to your resilience: it gives you the fortitude to be able to counter negativity and adversity and stop you overreacting to challenging situations and circumstances.



Rewiring our Brain


Auto-suggestion is a psychological technique related to the placebo effect developed by the apothecary Émile Coué (beginning 20th century). It is a form of self-induced suggestion in which individuals guide their own thoughts, feelings or behaviours. Auto-suggestion is a great way we can use gratitude to rewire our brain and deflect our attention away from lack and negativity to abundance and positivity. Auto-suggestion only works when we practise gratitude diligently and consistently.



Boosting Self-esteem & Confidence


Another benefit of a gratitude practice is the impact it can have on your self-esteem and confidence. By appreciating yourself more and practising positive self-talk, you look to your strengths and your gifts. You yield less space for the negative in your consciousness. In doing so you help to boost respect and love for yourself and in so doing ramp up your confidence levels.



Gratitude as a Manifesting Energy


Many people overlook the power of gratitude as a manifesting energy. It’s not just saying or writing that we’re grateful for this and that in our lives. It’s important to connect to the feeling of being grateful. For feeling is the secret (Neville Goddard). And it requires consistency of feeling for manifestation to work.


In order to manifest something into your reality, you first need a concrete idea of the thing/experience you would like to have in your mind. You do this by entering your creative consciousness, i.e. your imagination and then apply the related emotion (the feeling of the wish fulfilled – Neville Goddard). When you add a profound sense of gratitude to the experience of that accomplished end result, you strengthen the manifestation energy and bring it more fully and more quickly from the formless into the physical form.


Manifesting Gratitude is one of the central practices incorporated into my new Empowered to Rise programme. I invite you to follow the link to find out more.


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