Activate Miracles Meditation – FREE


A meditation to upscale your energy and move you into the Miracle Zone, harnessing positive attention, soul-based intention and detachment from outcome, indicating your faith in a co-creative universal Source energy and Cosmic intelligence. This meditation is accompanied by the beautiful, transcendent music of Lee Stavers; the track itself is called Transcendence (Chakra Balance) published by Elite Mind Reprogramming @ Self Transformation Cooperation.

Download Money Abundance Meditation.


This is my free gift to you – an 11-minute meditation in bringing you into energy of the Miracle Zone. The Miracle Zone embraces the manifesting energy of positively-aligned attention (head energy), soul-based intention (heart energy) and detachment to co-create with Source or Divine energy (hara energy).

Listening to this regularly will increase your vibration to transcendental heights so that you can more quickly manifest your dreams and desires.

Download Activate Miracles Meditation

This gift is given to you for free from a place of love, connection and gratitude.

Esther x


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