Power of Forgiveness Meditation – FREE


A meditation on the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is seen as a way of liberating you from the chains of past grievances, insult and injury – offering you peace of mind and a strong connection to a more abundant, connected and loving universe. This meditation is accompanied by the gorgeous, ethereal music of Kevin Woiry, track entitled “Musique vibratoire 1.6 le calme” as featured on Insight Timer. Narrative is written and spoken by Esther Apoussidis, given freely here for the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of mankind and the energetic expansion of our universe. Download The Power of Forgiveness Meditation for peace of mind and greater universal love.


This is my free gift to you – a meditation on the power of forgiveness – to err is human, to forgive divine.

This will help you let go and forgive past grievances and injury, no matter how traumatic or lingering. Forgiving is not just a gift to the person who may have hurt or offended you, it is also a gift to self. It allows you to let go of the negative vibration of anger, resentment, recrimination and sense of injustice, which hold you hostage to the past. It frees you to be at peace in the present moment. It also helps with self-forgiveness to release the blame, shame, remorse and self-recrimination. By listening to this you will be guided to connect to the unbelievable, connecting, universal power of love and compassion. It will help heal your life and the life of others you connect with.

Download “Power of Forgiveness” for peace and tranquility of spirit

This gift is given to you for free from a place of love, connection and gratitude.

Esther x


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