Meditation for Joy – FREE


An enchanting meditation for joy featuring the divine music of Yuval Ron, track entitled “Memories of Old Love”, published by Metta Mindfulness Music (ASCAP). Narrative is written and spoken by Esther Apoussidis, given freely here for the mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of mankind and the energetic expansion of our universe. Download Meditation for Joy.


This is my free gift to you – a meditative reflection on joy: where you can find it, discover it, express it and make it truly yours!  Allow joy to push away the shadows of fear, worry, woe and self-pity.  Let its call beckon you back to the light. Permit it to open you to the sacred, the divine and allow in abundance. Be joyful!

This will be especially beneficial to you if you are feeling despondent and downhearted – to raise you up, to breathe new life and exuberance into you.

Download Meditation for Joy

This gift is given to you for free from a place of love, connection and gratitude.

Esther x


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