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A meditation to uplift your energy and get you into an abundant mindset to receive infinite wealth and abundance into all areas of your life. This meditation is accompanied by the beautiful, transcendent music of Lee Stavers; the track itself is called Transcendence (Chakra Balance) published by Elite Mind Reprogramming @ Self Transformation Cooperation.

Download Money Abundance Meditation.


This is my free gift to you – a 7-minute meditation on aligning to infinite abundance and wealth in your life. Use it whenever you are starting to stress about money and focusing too much on lack. This track will get you to feel more abundant, more empowered, more loving, more in sync with the infinite riches of the Universe. Having this FEELING is a key requisite to attracting and manifesting more abundance into your life.

Download Money Abundance Meditation

This gift is given to you for free from a place of love, connection and gratitude.

Esther x

1 review for Money Abundance Meditation – FREE

  1. Jackie

    I really felt and energy connection during this meditation. Thank you…

    • admin

      Thank you Jackie for the feedback. Glad it was helpful for you!

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