My sister believes that if you don’t expect too much, you won’t run the risk of being disappointed. You may resonate with this. Let me know if you do. And share with me the story around that – because there usually is one.

But what if I told you, that expecting too little from your life is the same as asking for too little. The energy behind that statement is both very revealing and damning.

It most likely says one or more of the following:


  • she’s been disappointed and let down in the past and has created an illusion that this is the way of her life
  • she doesn’t feel worthy enough to ask for more
  • she’s scared of moving beyond what’s familiar (a subconscious setting that often keeps us stuck, even in a less than comfortable “comfort zone”)
  • she doesn’t deep down think of herself as a powerful and creative life force energy.


I’m here to be your “cruel to be kind” coach and mentor. I’m here to tell you the following:


  • when you expect more, you receive more
  • when you allow your illusions (fears of disappointment and of lack, feeling of not being worthy) to rule your life, you will be prevented from living your best life ever
  • your comfort zone is an illusion – it’s a more fearful and discomforting place than stepping out into the unknown, where growth and life on a grander scale happens
  • you have a strong life force energy that is powerfully creative – apply it correctly and you can manifest anything you desire – you just need to shift some of your illusions and your busy mind thoughts that are undermining you.



Expectation & Manifestation

Zig Ziglar is quoted as saying the following:

You were born to win, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.

When you start expecting to win, to achieve more with your life, you are creating a powerful resonance in your energy body that declares you are cognisant of your creative powers. Through this energy transmission, 2 things happen:


  1. You change your psyche and impress on your subconscious mind a goal that is not only possible, but is accessible. And you will know if you’ve read an earlier article of mine The Energy of Success, that the subconscious mind is a goal-serving mechanism and it needs clear co-ordinates for the attainment of your goals. It creates what is given to it, but does not originate anything. So your mental awareness and focus are key. Do not waver in belief of the goal achieved.
  2. Energetically through the high frequency emotional response of expectation in the body you pull on a thread in the energy field that will draw the very thing you are expecting to you, this works via the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.



Faith, Gratitude and Surrender

The only problem with expectation is that people are not really expecting in faith for something to happen. Behind the expectation is a wishfulness, a longing rather than an actual belief that it is so and can be true for them.


So the best way I can support you in building this faith is to:

  • Know and accept that there is a formless, co-creative energy in the Universe. As Gabby Bernstein would say, the “Universe has your back”, if you but allow it. We are the extension of Spirit in perfect form (we are predominantly spiritual with an intellectual mind in a physical body).
  • Stick to your demands, claim your worth and add the quality of gratitude. Here’s a lovely quote from Shakespeare for you which might help you:

O Lord that lends me life, Lend me a heart replete with thankfulness!

  • Keep your imagination centred around what you desire and feel it with every fibre of your being; ignore what’s happening in the “real” world (hey, the subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between the real and imagined realm). Feel the realisation of that imagined desire with a strong sense of gratitude.
  • Allow yourself to surrender to the energy of flow and co-creation. This is not to give up on your goals, but it’s not for you to force or contrive an outcome. So, it’s about being crystal clear in your vision, your goal, your desire, but knowing that you will be guided in terms of the “how”. The how becomes more clear when you move forward from Spirit energy, rather than from mechanical, mind-control energy. Don’t forget, in the (Quantum/Zero Point) Field all you imagine and desire is ready and available to you.





Start expecting more, start creating your new, bigger vision for your life right now and see what that entails. Jump on a Zoom call, during which I’ll help you get full clarity on what that is and discuss how it can be possible and manifest for you.

Here’s the link to book:


Life is too short to stay in the low expectation zone. Expect more, ask for more, be more of who you want to be.


Let me know what you think

I’d love to hear your views and comments on this article. Also share, if you think someone you know will benefit from reading this.


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