We really do attract and receive what we are and believe in with utmost faith.


And if you believe in positive, unseen forces, then those forces are backing you one hundred percent of the way. I know this to be true from my own experiences.


Let me start by relating to you one specific story. In November and December 2021 I used a VA agency in my coaching business. The aim was to drum up more leads for my workshop. I was “pushing” for a result and of course it didn’t happen. That’s because the action wasn’t inspired (“in Spirit”) or authentic. The agency’s tactics made me uncomfortable. I got Facebook group owners telling me to remove my posts and I got lots of replies, even from well-meaning friends, to say that the message I’d sent them sounded like everyone else’s.


Their strategy and tactics didn’t correlate to what I espouse and teach my clients: to follow the inner nudges and go forth with Spirit-infused purpose, ease and flow. In my coaching practice I talk with my clients a lot about coming from the right place, coming from a place of alignment. What I had done was switch back to the old paradigm of trying to make things happen, of working hard to succeed, of hustling. For some this can work (but usually at a cost of burnout and stress, or the wrong type of clients). But if the energy is not pure, is not heart-led or authentic, then the results will be telling – you’ll get crickets or bad feedback!


So in January this year I pulled away from social media (a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to what happened after that experience) and went within to search for answers as to who my ideal client should be. I actually asked out loud for a sign from the Universe: who should I be serving? The speed and nature of the answer just blew me away. Within 48 hours, I had a booking for a virtual cuppa call come through on my calendly link. I didn’t recognise the name and couldn’t find that person anywhere on my social media connections. Turns out this lady had read my chapter in an Amazon international bestseller called The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 4 and hailed all the way from Michigan, USA. She ended up being a client. It taught me to trust myself, to trust my instincts, to speak from the heart, because that was the message of my chapter. It wasn’t necessarily a message from the Universe about who I should serve, but who I should be. That was a very powerful experience.


There are many famous people who say that they’ve received ideas and prompts from sources outside of themselves. You can quote Einstein, Edison, Schubert, Emerson and Elizabeth Gilbert (writer of Eat, Love Pray and Big Magic – you must read the latter if you haven’t already).


Both Lynne McTaggert (The Field) and Michael A Singer (Living Untethered) propose that there is no duality between science and spirituality. From the research they’ve collated, they say science and spirituality harmonise. They also identify that there is a higher collective consciousness. We are not isolated beings living our desperate lives on a lonely plant in an indifferent universe. We never were alone. We were and always have been at the centre of things. Through our energy (the energy of the stars, the Cosmos) we are connected. We are transmitters and receivers of energy, both for good and bad. If we are solely inspired by good intentions and sought only to think and feel good and positive about ourselves and everyone else, and believe in our spiritual powers, there would be no hatred, no sickness, no unhappiness, no poverty. But because the majority still live in pain, in the illusion (hell on earth) of a mindset of limitation, dis-ease and lack, for the most part without real faith of our energy potential for healing, there can be no heaven on earth.


Heaven on earth (abundance in any form) can only start as a cascade effect from within. When we look to live and express the highest version of ourselves (recognising and connecting to the spiritual core of ourselves) and open up in trust and faith, then we tap into our real creative energy, Source power – the God within. This power is for the most part unseen, because it is through the combined observer effect (of energy in wave form) and the vibrational frequency of our energy in the Field that we are able to move the invisible into visible, formless into form and draw the thing desired from a subjective state into an objective state.


Faith in this God-given power and the energetic forces that are within and around us is the masterkey to manifestation. If you’re not manifesting your desires (the Spirit-inspired intentions for your life), then either you haven’t paid the right attention to the way your energy is oscillating (it has to be at a high emotional frequency to attract anything positive) or you do not hold the faith. In other words, you do not truly believe that your wish is already fulfilled in a quantum and spiritual realm and is on its way to you.


The Subconscious Mind, known as the womb of creation (Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard), is a key player or agent in changing the polarity of faith. You first have to cleanse the negative habits of thoughts and discipline yourself to believe in your goodness and wellbeing. Dr Robert A Russell (God Works Though Faith) talks about faith as beginning in the mind, but coming to fruition in the heart. Hence, my belief that the heart is our spiritual and emotional intelligence centre. Without the power of faith, belief is weak. Almost anyone can believe, he says, but not everyone can exercise faith. If you believe and have faith in your negative circumstances, that nothing goes your way, then you will draw this into your experience time and again. If you discipline yourself to only believing and having faith in good things happening, then goodness shall surely follow you all the days of your life (see Psalm 23 / Hymn – The Lord is my Shepherd).


Expectation has a role to play too. Expectation is faith in action. If we expect too little (check out my previous article on Why Expect So Little?), we receive little. If we expect more, we receive more. I coach my clients to understand and apply the power of their energy to create their desired reality and to embrace a gentle, but great sense of expectation – without attachment to outcome – as and when they take the aligned action. Expectation is calm, tranquil, confident and in-flow energy. Time is not of the essence (because time is not a spiritual concept, it’s purely man-made). It’s all about the faith and knowing. It’s about persistence to the faith – faith and trust in you as a powerful creator, trust in your Divine inheritance of goodness and abundance (wealth, health, love, happiness). Faith is not hope. Hope is a diluted, vague, uncertain form of wishful thinking. Most people pray in the hope that something positive and good will happen. Most people don’t pray in faith and gratitude, that the wish is already accomplished. It’s merely a matter of patience, waiting for the invisible to move into the visible, tangible realm.




Share with others and your own story of faith


If you like this article and wish to share with others, please do so. Also, if you have your own story to share on believing and trusting in unseen forces, let me know. It would make for a great book (a compilation of faith and self-discovery). An idea that I might pursue given enough contributors.


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