We know the famous story of Aladdin and the magic lamp, and how by rubbing it a young boy released a genie that could fulfil his three wishes. As children we are born into the mystical, magical world of fairies, pixies, unicorns. A make-believe world that quickly evaporates as we grow up and are exposed to hard science, data and facts as part of our education system and professional life. We become limited by the constraints of a 3D concept of our world.

In truth, as we mature into adults, we may not believe in fairies but know this – there is a formula equivalent to the magic lamp. The formula is praise. This is not the praise that is a supplication or petition to God or a prayer that implores and entreats favour, blessings and benefaction. It is a type of praise equivalent to gratitude, but a more elevated form of gratitude. This is praise that is activated by faith and an expectation that we are fully deserving of infinite love, good health and abundance.

The Christian bible alludes to this (Matthew 7:7-8):

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Also, the Koran (Surah Ghafir, 60):

Our Lord says, Call on Me and I will answer you. Those who are too proud to worship Me will enter hell abject.

In Buddhism (The Sutra of Forty-Two Sections):

Listen avidly to and cherish the Way which is called mighty.

Appreciating and praising what we have or what we claim we have a right to receive, has a positive mental and emotional impact. For example, when someone praises you for your efforts, you feel like expanding and doing better, you exert yourself all the more to please and show positive results. When we are praised there is a physical response in the body: our cells become more invigorated, healthy and resilient. This is the psychoneuroimmunology, or, mind-body connect effect. Also, we can direct such praise to ourselves so that it becomes our salvation. Praise from the heart is far more vital and effectual than praise with the head or the lips.

Praise raises our state of consciousness; we become more receptive to the good around us, it lifts us out of lack. Praise is a mechanism to raise our vibration, to create positive, magnetic energy. It elevates our thought and stimulates our faith in an abundant Universe.

The challenge is to be full of praise and gratitude even in the face of adversity. For only in keeping our thoughts uplifted through praise will the adversity disappear – this is in accord with Universal Laws. Praise will be your genie: it will raise you from ignorance to intelligence, from poverty to affluence, from weakness to strength, from fear to courage and from sickness to health.

There are some who would vehemently argue against and contest this. They will claim they have tried everything to overcome adversity solely through positive mental thinking, but that is only one side of the coin. The other side is complete and utter faith as expressed through the mechanism of praise that we are deserving of and capable of receiving healing and abundance. It is that faith in a higher intelligence and force which is lacking in today’s world. Rationality and scepticism are our undoing and will become our damnation.

As a race we have witnessed many miracles throughout time, yet we still doubt. I myself saw the glass coffin and remains of the patron saint Gerasimos of Kefalonia when I visited the church where he lay in 2017. Saint Gerasimos died in 1579. The His body is made available for viewing and is exposed for veneration (selected people are allowed to touch it). Yet the his body has never decomposed. It made a lasting impression on me.

In another example – It is the feast day of Saint Jacinta on 20th February. She, along with her brother saw three apparitions of the “Angel of Peace” and several apparitions of the “Blessed Virgin Mary” in Fatima. Jacinta was a placid, musical, affectionate girl who loved to sing and dance. However, she and her brother were victims of the great flu epidemic. When Jacinta asked the hospital chaplain to bring her communion because she knew she was going to die the following day, he told her she was not that serious and that he would see her the next day. The next day Jacinta died alone aged just 9 years old (this was in 1920). She was buried with her brother in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. When she was exhumed 15 years after her death her face was incorrupt.


I also recently watched a Netflix movie called Miracles from Heaven. It is based on a true story. It reveals a story of tested faith. A 10-year-old girl suffers an incurable disease, but a freak accident, that could have been fatal, does in fact cure her. Her cure still leaves medical specialists mystified.

During Covid-19 our mental health is being sorely tested. If you’re struggling to believe and trust in yourself and you want to change your life for the better, reach out for a helping hand. Book in a chat today: www.calendly.com/esther-788/30min.


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